Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Emeryville Cove is for da boids

Did some East Bay sketching this Sunday, testing out a new pen. I forgot how nice it is to be specific in a drawing.

This is Eville Cove's bird refuge. For all the bird refugees. They come over 20-30 birds at a time, sitting on handmade rafts fashioned from bits of blown-out tires, so hungry – most haven't seen the sight of millet in days – driven out from their native home by bird oppressors, the anti-avian guerilla groups of Marin.

Anyway, at the Marina, I got us invited to a party hosted by the people who live in the boats. I would have gone, but the sun was setting, and it was hella windy. I stopped drawing not because I was done, but because I was too cold to stay there.
"Thanks for the invite guys, but I gotta go home!"
"No! We got food! And music!"
"I'm freezing!"
"We got blankets ..."

A comic journal page is in the works. IN MY MIND

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emo Storm Thoughts

It's not often you can walk and smoke in Oakland without being asked for a cigarette, or money. So you have to do it when no one in their right mind would be out, like 2am in a miserable wet gale. Recommended!

Thinking aloud: Should I swap out the text above for the text on the sketch journal page, which is crap and annoying to read?

Gossip Day

I thought about adding more of an explanation to this page, but decided I like it the way it is. For the time being.

Eventually you will notice that I am usually eating food, getting food, thinking about food, and/or drawing food ...

Tampocalypse 2011

James Jean's sketchbooks are works of art unto themselves.

I draw tampons in mine. What.
Drew this one around the time drugstores stopped supplying o.b. tampons for several months, something about a problem with the distributor. That made no sense, but the end result was nothing but the hated Tampax, Kotex, and other such nonsense for a long-ass time. Boxes of o.b. were selling on eBay for $50. I was worried it might never return, although the fact that the empty spot in the Feminine Needs aisle stayed empty (rather than being filled up with other products) gave me hope.
Lucky for me, o.b.'s back on the shelves again. Just bought a box a few weeks ago. I almost didn't open it.

Dimsum, Hanae Mori, not looking away

But then we healed.

Neither here nor there

"She just wanted to pick some stuff up. No big deal."

"God I hate that time, that picking-up-stuff time. I just went through that before I came here. You know that song called, 'Patsy Cline Times Two' I play? That's about me and my ex dividing up our record collections."

"It's a great song."

"Thank you."