Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vintage Paper Fair treasures and such

Found some nice shots last weekend:
New stereoview
The bottom right reads: HOW A WOMAN CLIMBS A FENCE. It looks fantastic in stereoview. I would
really like one-a dem stereoview thingamawhatchits. Then I could look at the rest of my small collection.

"Guess who?"
Written on the back in cursive: Guess who?

A bit of Hughes/Plath
This one makes me think of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath without fail.

The light in this one, the quiet mood, the old-timey but still with-it grandpa. Reminds me of Grandpa Leung.


And now I'm off to eat a sandwich. MADE OF ICE CREAM.
I leave you with this:

Traci: What's that buzzing sound? A fly?
Damon: It's your cat. Snoring.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Turns out, you CAN put a price on nerdness, and that price is nearly half my rent.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food Yes, Cook No #1 available for sale now

Finally I'm putting it up for sale. It was put together in November for APE 2008, and since then I'd just been too busy/lazy to announce its availability otherwise. 

But suddenly I couldn't resist having the yellow "Buy Now" button on my blog, so here tis, with a coupla previews. No way can you read it from here, so you might as well get it.  

FYI: If you buy it from me in person, it's just the $4, cos we ain't gotta do no crazy ship charges. Plus, you know, I can lick it or something. Or I can just sign it like a normal person. Whatever you want.

Oh man.

It's bedtime and all I want to do right now is live in New York so I can order 24-hour Ma Pa tofu delivery. Also I want Tofu Fa. So a 24-hour Chinese grocery would be pretty handy right now too. 
My sister sent me this pic of her and Mom's dinner because she unconsciously knows that THIS is one of the few things I really miss about living in Alhambra, and she wants to send me psychic (not to mention gastronomical) pangs of regret for not living there anymore. She is evil. We can all agree.
No Chinese food might be the only drawback to my plan for European domination, I can see that now. I was going to use off-color wording to phrase that sentence but instead I'll just say that the punchline was "chink in armour, get it? hahaha!", and otherwise keep my racist jokes to myself. For me, By me ... FMBM.
I know you're grateful to have been spared. You can pay me back with a lifetime of servitude, or alternately, you can take me out to an Ocean Star, or an ABC Cafe. Your choice, I'm easy. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stolen spot

This is not my cat, Crow. This is Damon's cat, Suki. She's sleeping in a stolen spot. Let me explain.

MY cat likes to hang out with me at my desk while I'm working, even though there's barely any room left for him. There are endless stacks of books, pens, discs, magazines, postcards, gallery pamphlets, fashion catalogs, letratone sheets, takeout menus, receipts, you name it, it's all here, and my cat has to work around them. 

Lately he's been resigned to staring at me, and then at one particularly large pile next to the window, then back at me, then sighing. He paws at it, and sometimes he tries to sit on top of it. Inevitably, he gives up and then just lays down on my arms. If you've ever tried to work without the use of your arms, you're awesome, because personally I find it quite difficult. 

It's been like this for months, as I could just not find time to deal. I just built up a lot of forearm strength as I developed a new method of typing that allowed for simultaneous cat  cradling. But since my work situation up and changed, I finally got the chance to do this obviously super important thing in my life. Yessss. It wasn't easy but I banished the pile in question, and then installed a makeshift catbed in its place. 

I was proud. He laid down it in once. Then that was it. The next morning, I found Suki (this grey one in the photo) enjoying it thoroughly, while Crow was lying down on the floor in the bathroom.

That was 2 days ago, and even though she's not sick or anything, she still has not left the bed. She's there right now, her legs are all twitching and I can tell she's totally massacring an entire flock of geese in her sleep. Or maybe sparrows or some mice. But all I can think of now is, how often do cats need to get up to pee? Or eat? Previously I thought it was at least a few times a day, they'd at least get up and cat stretch. But there's no evidence to support that theory now.

So. Should I kick her out so that Crow can take his rightful spot back? She just looks so damned comfortable. 

Or does the root of the problem stem from the possibility that I have just made the most comfortable catbed ever known to catkind? 

ooohooh she's moving
... nope, she just changed positions. 

Have I condemned Suki to a certain, slow, motionless death by allowing her to slumber in this stolen gift of wonder? Should I try to rescue her from her terrible yet deceptively pleasant fate??

Let me know. I've got to get back to work.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last minute dental

I knew it. 

Even though I take care of my teeth more carefully than Damon, it turns out that I have 2 cavities and he has NONE. 

Please tell me how this is fair.

Hair haiku

I want this haircut 
But it would be bad for me.
Boohoo I'm not cool.


Bonjoo. Since I can't seem to figure out how to set up my actual blog, I figured I should make it less hard on myself and do it through blogspot like all the cool kids are doing. 

I might take a tip from Jillian Tamaki and disable my comments, but since I only have 1 follower now, there's no urgency. Comments are cool and all but even if I don't really care if I get them or not, it reminds me too much of the comments competition on SG. Suddenly I care if I get 1 less comment than I did with the last post, and I start whoring out pics of myself to get my readership up. Funk dat ... I just wanna POST, man!

Welp. Let's see how long it takes for me to get another post up here. Not to mention pictures of my work.