Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Group Sketch in the Summer!

(... Grooooooouuuuup Sketch, For EVAH! does no one else get this stuck in their head?) I mostly wanted to call it Group Sketch because it sounded like Group Sex.

ANYWAY, yes, a group of us braved the gloomy weather on Saturday to draw at the Conservatory of Flowers. The last time some of us had been there was back in school, when we had to draw 50 flowers and 50 trees for homework. I think maybe that's the last time I had used the particular sketchpad I had brought, as I found some old drawings of pitcher plants inside it! It was fantastical to be inside the humid white glass building again, albeit overwhelming. Next time we might choose to paint in it, instead of draw. But it was a great challenge for everyone (even the seasoned pros) so, Win.

Golden Gate Park trees. Trees are hard. Perhaps I could have chosen to focus on a single leaf instead.

When it got too cold (I think Lenny got frostbite on his fingers, haha), we took refuge inside the Velo Rouge Cafe to draw old ladies singing jazz and rock improv songs about how it's ok to be queer. Also we drew each other.

Next Group Sketch coming soon! I'm thinking maybe the Oakland Zoo?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updated portfolio, a.k.a. Send work my way!

Finally updated my online portfolio (and my resume, but I'm not posting that here). I've rearranged pre-existing stuff, added a gaming UI menu I did, added some illos in the Magazine category, and added a few pages from both my Sketch Blog and Sketchbook. I like this design a lot more; it's cleaner, simpler.

Let me know what you think. Click the "Portfolio-liolio" hyperlink in the sidebar, or go to: