Monday, October 3, 2011

APE 2011!

APE was great! It's only my second time exhibiting and I'm excited to say things were all around improved from my first show. And the first show wasn't bad, either. :) I'm slowly figuring out what people like about my work and what of it they want to buy.

I sold out of both my larger prints (save for 1 copy of Midwestern Taco), and sold out of my new color zine "Last Night at Twin Castle." People liked my new illos of Twin Castle food, especially Mr. Friday Fishburger, the vanilla and Sharpied-chocolate Frostees, the most beautious (spelled wrong) corn dog, and the ketchup boats. It's satisfying to see people get enthusiastic about food I love. It also doesn't hurt that most of these foods are iconic-looking already, and sometimes even pretty. American fast food is certainly an interesting subject to draw.

So now what? I'm going to do a 2nd printing of Twin Castle zine and offer it up for sale online, as well as to some local retailers. I'm going to set up another Paypal Buy Now thing for it soon enough but for now, if any of you guys out here in Blogger Landia want to buy a copy, please email me at: and we'll arrange for it. It's $8 via mail (includes shipping) and I'll throw in a couple extra goodies.

Also, I few of you expressed interest in seeing me illustrate specific foods, i.e. "I would totally buy from you if you did a sushi roll," or "Hey, I like Reuben sandwiches." That got me thinking about taking commissions. Should I? ... Yes of course I should. But would any of you be interested in buying them? Email me if you're interested.

To conclude, here is Mr. Friday Fishburger (and friends). Enjoy! :)


  1. Gah! I didn't go, and now I want one!

  2. Drew: <3 Did we ever know who Mister Friday was?

    e.s.: I'm doing a small reprint!